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Flavours of India restaurant servers healthy Indian food & excelent service. we uses traditional methods of cooking, We use a oven which is charcoal fired and not gas which gives our Naans and Tandoori dishes a very distinctive smoky flavour. Butter chicken, chana masala, naan bread and pakoras are some of the most popular Indian dishes often served at our restaurant, montreal Quebec Indian restaurants. Come to our restaurant to Check out our special no vegitarian, Indian vegetarian foods, and different Indian regional cuisines in Montreal by referring to reviews, descriptions and ratings. Flavours of India restaurant is newly opened restaurant, locasted at 1024 Jean Talon West Montréal, QC H3N1T1

Indian cuisine is a combination of different taste and flavours, which are as exotic as the people of India. It is the combination of different spices, meticulously in proportion to create a mouth lingering dishes. Each dish in Punjabi has its own distinctive flavours and aroma, which cannot come from any curry powder in the world. Our cuisine presentation is deeply rooted in the soils of North India. our restaurant serves a wide variety of East Indian Tandoor entrees, appetizers and dishes

We offer Catering Services. No matter what the occasion, have no worry. Let us cater your special event and make it a day to remember. Just give us a call for more details and leave the rest to us.

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