Flavors of India/ Indian food/ Indian Cuisine

Your Benefit

Many of the ingredients (herbs and spices) used in the preparation of Indian cuisine are very beneficial to your health. wekeep in mind while we prepre food for you

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Our Standards

1. Quality of food
we serves you bqst quality food
2. Pure indian taste
we use home made Spices and own recipies mthods, not markit spices so that you can feel great taste.
3.rule of thumb
Quanity, Quality and Price. we are non profetable restaurant provides you quality and quanity of food and very less price.

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Food Delivery

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we offfer home food dilivery Sunday to Thursay, you just need to order food just over $50 Call us on 1-(514)315-8801

Call us on: 1-(514)315-8801

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